Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Who am I?

I’m a regular guy who has a distinct way of looking at the world. I believe that the most powerful force is love. I believe in absolute truth. I see humor in most things and love to help people smile. I am logical, scientific and thorough. I also believe in the almighty God, with whom I have a personal relationship and hope you will, too.

The most important thing I can say is that I love you. I may not know you, but I choose here and now to love you.

What can you expect from this site?

Because I love you, you should expect that the content here will seek to make your life better in some way. I’ll share ideas with you. I’ll try to leave you with a different perspective. Most of all, because I love you and because I know there exists absolute truth, you should expect honesty…and because I am promising honesty, you should hold me accountable to that promise and challenge me if I appear not to keep my word.

Like the One who made me, I am creative. From time to time, I will post poetry and fiction. I hope to reach out to you in this way and touch you emotionally, for I believe that this is how relationships start and I want to build a relationship with you.

I hope that you will be prompted to leave a comment publicly, or reach out to me privately through email or social media, to discuss content here that is particularly significant to you.

Thanks again for stopping by and remember: I LOVE YOU!