Comment Guidelines

Welcome to my blog. I try my best to make sure that my posts’ discussions are free of trolls, spam, and abuse, but I am just a man. The comment section can be a great place for expressing yourself, interacting with others, and even engaging in stimulating conversation. To ensure that you have a good time here, please make sure to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Be polite—don’t be rude to anyone and respect others. If something you would say would get you upset, please don’t say it here. Remember, you are communicating with a person, not a screen, and words hurt people.
  • Obscenities are not allowed. Obscenities are a lazy way to express yourself. Please take a few more minutes to think about what you want to say.
  • Don’t troll. I appreciate and welcome criticism here, but I will delete insulting commentary without exception.
  • Spam? It’s OK as a protein, but not allowed here.

Simply put, these guidelines boil down to “Be decent. Seek to elevate others.”

If you find any comment which violates these guidelines, please make sure to ‘flag’ it. Remember, I am just a man—I appreciate your help!